Drumstick & Pepper Flex Rack

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This versatile rack prevents peppers from falling apart, keeps the stuffing in your poppers and cooks drumsticks evenly. It easily locks into slotted brackets on the back wall of the cooking chamber of the Rider Pellet Grills. Get a wide variety of custom configuration options with the Rib Flex Rack and Multi-Purpose Flex Rack (additional racks sold separately) for a truly personalized smoking experience.

Features & Specifications

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  • SIZE: Nine-inch-wide accessory racks for use with Oklahoma Joe's® Rider Pellet Grills
  • MATERIAL: Nickel-plated steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • FEATURES: Fits into double-slotted brackets with adjustable height options
  • CAPACITY: One Drumstick & Pepper Flex Racks holds up to 25 drumsticks
Model Number 4418426P06
Weight (lbs.) 0.77
Assembled Dimensions 10.47 x 9.880 x 8.740
Assembled Width 8.740
Assembled Height 9.880
Assembled Depth 10.47

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