Hone your craft with need-to-know smoking and grilling tips, from how to season your smoker to experimenting with different smoking woods and selecting the right cut of meat.

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Buffalo Wings

These Buffalo Wings are some of the best wings we’ve ever tried. They’re dry rubbed with a sweet and spicy mixture and basted with a cayenne hot Buffalo sauce. We cooked them in the Rider 600 Pellet Grill to get them nice and crispy.

The Rider 600 Pellet Grill packs tons of versatility, convenience and rich wood-fired flavor into a modest footprint. Its full-size pellet capacity and innovative Flex Racks System open up a robust range of cooking options.

About the cut: Truly an All-American blue-collar dish, Buffalo chicken wings originated in the city of Buffalo, New York, where there is a high density of blue-collar workers. Using what was once considered the cheapest part of the chicken, Buffalo Wings were invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.

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Smoked Beef Brisket with Texas Rub

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