Marshal Centerbox Deep Dish Pan

Use the custom-designed Oklahoma Joe's® Centerbox™ Deep Dish Pan with your Oklahoma Joe's Marshal Centerbox Smoker and rustle up some corned beef hash, smoked mac-n-cheese, even a blueberry pudding cake. Make a double batch using two Deep Dish Pans or combine with our Griddle and fry up some bacon and eggs alongside your hash browns. Use it to make stir-fry on the stove or peach cobbler in the oven. This oversized, heavy-duty Deep Dish Pan is a must have for everyone who loves to cook. It can be also used with most smokers, grills, ovens and stove tops.

Features & Specifications

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  • COOKING AREA: 264-square-inches of cooking space with 2-inch sidewalls, good for a great big batch of red beans & rice, chili or gumbo.
  • MATERIAL: This flat, rectangular 16-gauge carbon-steel pan is more durable, lighter than cast-iron and easy to maneuver. It heats up quickly & evenly and is easy to clean.
  • FEATURE: Handles on both sides of the Deep Dish Pan make it easy to lift and carry. The handles will be hot when the pan is over the heat. Always wear protective gloves.
  • DESIGN: This Deep Dish Pan is custom-designed for use with the Oklahoma Joe’s Marshal Centerbox Smoker.
  • SIZE: 17.6”D x 15”W x 2.16”H
Model Number 4936573R04 - Find Parts and Manuals
Assembled Dimensions null x 2.750 x 15.600
Assembled Width 15.600
Assembled Height 2.750

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