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  1. American Meat Shredders 1
  2. Blacksmith 1
  3. Blacksmith 2-Piece Carving Set 1
  4. Blacksmith 2-Piece Toolset 1
  5. Blacksmith 3-Piece Knife Set 1
  6. Blacksmith Rake & Brush 1
  7. Disposable BBQ Gloves 1
  8. Oklahoma Joe's 1
  9. Sauce Mop 1
  10. Super Skewers 3-Pack 1
  11. Trigger Injector 1
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Kansas City Style BBQ Rub, 8.4 oz.

2.25 x 5.25 x 2.25
MADE IN THE USA: Our seasonings are hand-crafted and packaged in America to guarantee quality and freshness. Ingredients are globally sourced and designed to make cooking easy, flavorful and fun. INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Salt, Spices (including Celery Seed), Onion*, Garlic*, Molasses*, Prepared Yellow Mustard* (Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric), Modified Food Starch, Rice Hulls *Dried

Blacksmith Rake & Brush

2 x null x 5.9
FEATURES: Custom Oklahoma Joe's notch to hang tool or use as bottle opener GRILL BRUSH: Doubles as grill brush with removable brush head

Blacksmith Combo Grill Brush

3.75 x 3.75 x 4.75
CLEANING: Removable heads for easy cleaning and replacement MATERIAL: Stainless scraper blade to clean stubborn residue off grates

3-in-1 Longarm

0 x 2.36 x 0
Lightweight for easy handling and precision control Dual spatula tong head with metal nubs for a secure grip

Disposable BBQ Gloves

4.75 x 0 x 9.5
MATERIAL: Powder-free, latex-free nitrile material for comfort and protection FEATURES: Disposable gloves are food-safe for prepping and handling meats and vegetable

Blacksmith Combo Grill Brush Replacement Head

3.15 x 1.0 x 4.92
Replacement brush head fits Blacksmith Combo Grill Brush Rugged, grit-infused bristles for increased cleaning ability (no metal)

Oklahoma Joe’s® Steel Wool Replacement Head

3.15 x 1.0 x 4.92
More effective and safer option than economy wire bristle brushes Removable head is easy to clean and replace

Reversible Cutting Board

12.75 x 0.4 x 17.25
MATERIAL: Knife-friendly, scratch-resistant surface for longer life FEATURES: Built-in groove for juices and drippings

Blacksmith 3-Piece Knife Set

18.6 x 1 x 8.25
MATERIAL: Riveted, full-tang handles deliver increased strength and stability STORAGE: Includes a protective knife roll for easy storage and transport

Blacksmith 2-Piece Tool Set

1.9 x 19.6 x 3.9
Vertical neck design for superior strength Riveted, full-tang handle delivers increased stability

Blacksmith 2-Piece Carving Set

18.6 x 1 x 8.25
MATERIAL: Riveted, full-tang carbon steel construction for increased strength and stability FEATURES: Dimples to prevent meat from sticking to the blade

American Meat Shredders

4.3 x 0 x 4.5
MATERIAL: Sturdy, shatter-proof plastic for durability FEATURES: Easy-to-grip handle for effortless meat shredding

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