Smokers & Grills

Our smokers and grills are designed thoughtfully and built ruggedly, helping you go the extra mile for unmatched flavor.

The authentic, rugged rigs that put us on the map.

All-in-one beasts that offer supreme versatility.

Heavy-duty grills crafted without compromise.

Crafting heat and smoke with total precision.

Portability, but never at the expense of quality.

A Rider Pellet Grill offers the ease of use of a kitchen oven, the rich and smoky flavors of wood fire, and the adaptability of the traditional grill. 

Forget ignition failures, constant flare-ups, uneven cooks, lighter fluid flavors, and tanks that run out midway through cooking. Simply add pellets, set the temperature, close the lid, and your grill will be ready to roll in minutes. 

No mess. No fuss. 

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