Highland Smoker Jacket


The Oklahoma Joe's® Highland Smoker Jacket provides year-round protection to insulate your smoker for consistent cooking temperatures and increased fuel efficiency. This smoker jacket slips easily over the top of the Highland Offset and Reverse Flow smokers for a custom fit. Durable, heat-resistant silicone, fiberglass and aluminum materials wrap around your smoker to retain heat in the cooking chamber while also conserving fuel.

Features & Specifications

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  • MATERIAL: Silicone-coated fabric with fiberglass insulation and aluminum liner to withstand temperatures up to 700°F
  • SIZE: Custom designed to fit the Highland Offset and Reverse Flow models
  • FEATURES: Built-in hook and loop straps ensure a secure fit
  • PROTECTED: Fade and water-resistant
  • CLEANING: Easy to clean with soap and warm water
Model Number 4818074W06
Weight (lbs.) 4.42
Assembled Dimensions 18.3 x 2.500 x 14.000
Assembled Width 14.000
Assembled Height 2.500
Assembled Depth 18.3

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