Tips for Smoker Covers and Jackets


This guide will tell you everything you need to know about smoker covers. From sizing to maintenance, you'll understand the importance of a smoker cover and prolonging the life of your smoker for many meals to come. Also, we'll introduce you to the smoker jacket, an integral accessory that will increase fuel effeciency.

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Do We Make a Cover for Every Oklahoma Joe’s® Smoker and Grill?
> Yes, every Oklahoma Joe’s grill and smoker has a custom-fit cover available. You can find them on our cover page.
Why Do I Need a Smoker Cover?
> A quality grill cover or smoker cover will extend the lifespan of your grill or smoker. A cover shields your grill or smoker from rain, snow, and wind; it can also prevent rust and corrosion over time. Additionally, a cover can help keep debris and dirt from accumulating, making it easier to clean and maintain.
How Do I Clean A Smoker Cover?
> Keeping your smoker cover clean not only keeps it looking new, but it also extends the life of the cover to have your grill or smoker looking just as nice.
1. You’ll want to remove any loose dirt or debris with a brush or damp cloth.
2. Next, use a mixture of mild soap and warm water to scrub the cover and rinse thoroughly.
3. Let the cover air dry and place it back on your grill or smoker.
Why Do I Need a Smoker Jacket?
> A smoker jacket is integral to maintaining a consistent temperature inside the smoker, even in cold or windy weather conditions. Reduce the amount of fuel needed and protect your smoker from the elements that can cause damage and rust over time. Get the most out of your smoker with our custom-fit smoker jackets for the Highland Smoker and Rider Pellet Grill.