Black Friday Series: Gifts for the Different Types of Grillers in Your Life

Our second installment of the Black Friday Series is all about the different types of grillers and smokers and what to gift them this holiday season. You may think someone has it all when it comes to grilling, but we're here to break down a few grillmaster personality types and what they may be missing.

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For the Charcoal-Griller
> Fire up your taste buds for flame-grilled BBQ from the Oklahoma Joe’s® Firecraft Series™ Barrel Grill, the grill that takes over-the-fire cooking to new heights.
> Enjoy greater control over the loading and placement of your charcoal with Oklahoma Joe’s® Charcoal Manager. Load your briquettes into the deep, stainless-steel tray using a variety of patterns to grill hot and fast or smoke low and slow.
> Fuel your passion for smoky, charcoal flavor you can’t get from traditional wood pellets with Oklahoma Joe's® Charcoal Hickory Wood Pellets. As the sweet, strong hickory and charcoal smoke fills the air, you can almost taste the mouth-watering flavor.
For the Meat-Lover
> Use the Oklahoma Joe's® American Meat Shredders to pull, shred, grip and serve meat. Made of shatter-proof plastic, these meat shredders are sturdy and dishwasher-safe. Designed with ease in mind, these handles make it easy to shred even the toughest meat.
> Enhance your smoker's versatility with the Oklahoma Joe's® Super Skewers. These heavy-duty, 15-inch stainless-steel skewers can hang vertically, stand up on their own, or lay flat on any grill or smoker grate. This flexibility allows you to cook kebabs, vegetables, a whole chicken or even a turkey.
> Use Oklahoma Joe's® Mesquite Wood Chips to infuse food with a strong, earthy flavor. Place wood chips in your smoker box or directly on grates and pair with dark proteins for optimum results.
For the Host
> Roll out the rugged Oklahoma Joe’s® Workstation DLX and you have everything you need for your cook, from prep to cleanup.
> The Oklahoma Joe’s® BBQ Tray is stylish and functional so you can prep, carry and serve a wide variety of foods. A wire-reinforced folded edge gives it increased strength, and tapered sides make it easy to stack and store.
> Protect your patio or deck from grease or food spills with this heavy duty extra large grill mat. Engineered to lay flat and can be used with any grill or smoker.