Black Friday Series: Most Popular Products Guide


To kick off our Black Friday series, let’s introduce our most popular products that will get you craving that smoked flavor. 

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Longhorn Offset Smoker
> Starting off with a classic, the Longhorn Offset Smoker uses the traditional offset design, allowing you to slow-cook your meats with indirect heat and real wood smoke. With its heavy-duty construction, this smoker is built to last for all your outdoor cookouts to come.
Firecraft Series™ Barrel Grill
> The Firecraft Series™ Barrel Grill features an open firebox design for 360° access to stoke the fire without disturbing your food. Gather the family and cook a steak, veggies, and roast marshmallows for dessert all with this innovative grill.
Rider DLX 1200 Pellet Grill
> The Rider DLX 1200 Pellet Grill uses real wood pellets to infuse your food with unbeatable smoky flavors. Customize your own flavor profiles with our wood pellets, and maintain perfect cooking temperatures to grill, smoke, roast, or bake your favorite dishes.

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