The Perfect 4th of July Menu

Get the smoker ready and look no further for the perfect 4th of July menu with our fan favorite recipes from Oklahoma Joe’s. With the Workstation Prep & Storage Cart or Workstation DLX Prep & Storage Cart, you’ll be cooking with everything you need in reach.

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For an appetizer
> Start the 4th right with these Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges. With a cheese-and-herb coating that marries the crispy outside to the soft, flavorful inside, this starter is perfect with or without condiments.
For the main course
> You can't go wrong with a classic burger on a day like this. Our Smoked Brisket Burgers recipe delivers the low and slow BBQ flavor you crave in some seriously tasty burgers. They’re smoked over cherry and mesquite wood, then seared with a barbecue sauce baste. Top them with smoked bacon, red onions and barbecue sauce and you will have a truly epic taste sensation.
The perfect side dishes
> These Dry Rubbed Smoked Wings are bold, smoky and bursting with flavor. After brining, the dry rub brings an entirely new flavor profile to your wings. Sugar adds a bit of sweetness while the guajillo powder enhances with mild to medium heat and a hint of berry flavor. And, of course, your smoker provides that natural wood-fired flavor while keeping the meat tender and juicy.
> Or add some Mexican flair with Fire Roasted Salsa. Charred fresh peppers, tomatoes and onion halves over mesquite lump charcoal make a great blend of spicy and tangy. It’s a refreshing dip to serve as an appetizer with chips or on top of your favorite Mexican dishes.
Leave room for dessert
> For dessert, be sure to please the crowd and try these twists on American classics.
> Smoked Blueberry Cobbler is a classic Southern one-pan dessert. The sweetness of blueberries blends with wood smoke for a deeper, richer flavor and the mascarpone topping with lemon zest adds a pinch of tanginess.
> These Smoked S’mores, grilled in a cast-iron skillet and infused with smoky flavor, taste even better than you remember. No campfire required.